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Swan Queen [AU] (No time-stopping curse - Portal Jumpers)

Emma Swan has lived with the Gold family since she was 4 years old. Making fast friends with her brother Neal and the quiet Regina Mills, she goes through life worrying about normal school stuff (and why the hell Regina’s eyes are so big and shiny).

Then, the day she got her badge, Gold dropped a sword in her hands proclaiming that she -as the rest of citizens of Storybrooke, Maine- is a amnesiac fairy tale character.

And the Mills family are the only thing between her and her real parents.

(She’s so royally fucked.)

#i was going to make a gifset of sorts#but im too lazy for that stuff#one day i will finish fanarts  #new goal in life#background story that got into my mind while working#if you like the prompt#you are free to use it#i guess 

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